The Route

The goal is to travel from Dunkerque to Perpignan by bicycle. I will be couchsurfing the whole way; for more information on the couchsurfing project, visit the couchsurfing website, or view my couchsurfing profile.

1 juin

From Reims we biked to Chamery, one of many little champagne producing towns in this beautiful region. Here the soil and climate are just right for growing grapes. In addition, the towns between Reims and Epernay are situated over an area containing chalk below the soil. This chalk keeps a constant, cool temerature in its interior throughout the year, which makes it perfect for storing champagne.

In Chamery we were invited to stay with the Perseval family, a small champagne producer with only 2.5 hectares of grapes. They are relatives of Emmanuelle and Vincent, one of my previous CS hosts. They gave us a tour through the entire process, from vine to bottle. At their estate they comlete every step of the process. After the tour Adriane and I helped cook dinner, another delicious 5 course meal with both wine and champagne, and vegetables from the garden. Only a couple members of the family spoke English, so we spoke mostly in French. They were very patient with our vocabulary!

The next morning Adriane and I worked for two hours in the vineyards to get a feel for the work that needs to be done in June. After another delicious lunch and more champagne, we bid farewell and left for our next destination: Chalons en Champagne.

click here for more pictures from Chamery.

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