The Route

The goal is to travel from Dunkerque to Perpignan by bicycle. I will be couchsurfing the whole way; for more information on the couchsurfing project, visit the couchsurfing website, or view my couchsurfing profile.

June 5

Today we biked through the midwest of France, or so it seemed.
Gigantic and abounding bugs crawled on us and smashed into our sunglasses. The environment had changed from the cool vineyards and rolling lettuce fields of the north to a more humid valley of wheat fields and cow, sheep and horse pastures.
The road rolled in and out of swaths of dense forest, and we followed a bright green river for much of the journey.

Biking is going well. Liz has had a few flat tires, which we fixed quickly. My feet were hurting from the clip-on shoes but i've adjusted their position and loosened the pedals; they're doing better.

We stopped for lunch at a chateau with a beautiful jardin (garden) with extremely sweet smelling flowers and a maze of hedges.

France smells good for the most part. The wheat fields smell like warm dough. Village corners smell like sweet bread and pastries from the Patisserie and rich chocolate from the Chocolatier. One field we rolled through en route to Laon also smelled like chocolate!

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