The Route

The goal is to travel from Dunkerque to Perpignan by bicycle. I will be couchsurfing the whole way; for more information on the couchsurfing project, visit the couchsurfing website, or view my couchsurfing profile.

4 juin - st dizier

Today we biked to Saint Dizier, and stayed with Giom, a sailor, mountain biker, and musician from the western coast. He was an amazing host! He prepared us a delicious homecooked meal, which was served with wine and good French cheese. He was very generous with his home and personality.


Taro said...

Great blog page!
I really miss the trip like this.
So where are you? On schedule?
Anyways be safe and according to the law, don't cycle more than 35 hrs a week!

Giom said...

Great !

I don't recognize myself onto this photo ! When you said "Let's take a photo", I thought: "try to be ridiculous..." ;)

Well... No problem, that's fun !
Have a good time on french roads !

Just about the 35hrs... Last week, I stayed 30min more than writen in m contract. And my boss said to me: "No way, you mustn't work more than 35 hrs !" And the 2hrs I did, he cancelled it ! Really ridiculous...