The Route

The goal is to travel from Dunkerque to Perpignan by bicycle. I will be couchsurfing the whole way; for more information on the couchsurfing project, visit the couchsurfing website, or view my couchsurfing profile.

Chalons en Champagne, Sunday June 3rd

Sunday may have been the longest, richest day of my life!
We rode into Chalons en Champagne on Saturday and decided to rest there on Sunday.
Everything in town was closed for the day, including the yoga studio, internet cafe and bike shop.
We strolled into Centre Ville with church bells ringing - no resounding - and families hurrying in
skirts and dress pants to the great cathederal for service.
We started the brillant, sunny morning at a cafe in the middle of the center square, sipping tea and eating creamy yoghurt with nuts and fruit.
The rest of the day was a slow stroll - to the park, to the quiet art musuem, to our hostel for this or that.
Chalons en Champagne hosted a great circus school and it a festival of plays, comedies and acrobatic shows over the weekend throughout various parks and in tents. In the evening we saw a wonderfully comic performance that still lingers happy with me now.

We finished our evening with a delicious Dutch beer.

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